Healthy Enterprises Versus COVID

At times of COVID, a strong Occupational Health management program is more important than ever before.

How to design a comprehensive hygiene plan (which also satisfies the public health services) ? How to organize testing and vaccinations eventually ? How to return employees back to work ?

All these aspects are a challenge for enterprises with an established Occupational Health Services department. But other companies who have done the minimum only (as requested by law) are falling behind.

A strong Occ. Health Service is more than a competitive advantage!

I’m seeing even big companies who are trying their best but can’t succeed on their own without help.

GLOTH Consulting is able to support via Telehealth. But by my experience some onsite assessments need to happen as well which also can be done by GLOTH.

Enterprises with a well established Occupational Health Management Program will get through the crisis better and will be back to normal faster than those who are missing out.

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