About GLO-TH

The Mission

GLO-TH Consulting is set up to help and coach companies which either want to expand into other countries or are already operating globally, to develop Health Management programs and tools which can be applied all over.
If you would like to have ‘State-of-the Art’ Health and Wellbeing programs, GLO-TH Consulting is the source for solutions. Any such program shows your commitment to the Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
Globalizing and taking care of employees at the same time requires deep insight into health and welfare structures of different countries. Such a strategic Health and Wellbeing program must be designed, rolled out by a skilled team, trained and audited.
Tracking the effect by Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will lead to a respected sustainability report.The programs should be made transparent for all employees.

Most of the time local consultants are needed.
GLO-TH Consulting will help you setting up your tailor made programs sourced internally or sourced out in the different countries.We’re working with a global network of more than 25 Occupational Health (OH) physicians and nurses who will help locally. GLO-TH will ensure a consistent approach to and quality of the programs.


Spending company money wisely, will benefit both the Company and the individuals.

The Reason

The risk profiles of classical manufacturing are quite stable over time, only where these risks manifest themselves geographically will change.
New technologies bring new working arrangements and risk profiles, including issues in mental health.
GLO-TH is well situated and able to support companies in these changing times.

Health promotion and Wellbeing are part of OH.
Holistic Occupational Health includes the workplace and beyond. The classical work related programs are well established.
Programs beyond the workplace enable individuals to reach their goals for themselves, the Companies they work for their families and society at large.

The implementation of Health and Wellbeing programs is widely spread by individual Companies. Holistic programs exist next to patchy initiatives (e.g. smoking cessation, body fitness and healthy food choice (fruit baskets)…) in countries and sites/plants
Holistic Health and Wellbeing Programs need a clear strategy followed by a straight forward implementation. Local initiatives, culturally accepted are important for success.

OH is getting on the same level as health, safety & environment.


The Reason


Successful Health and Wellbeing Programs support the United Nations Sustainable development goals 3 and 11. Consequently, such programs fulfill the requirements of ‘Good Corporate Governance’ and CSR.