Providing coaching and tools for global Health Management:

  • Occupational Health plus health promotion
  • Recruitment of OH resources
  • Health risk assessments including defining key performance indicators for
    • Basic/advanced life support
    • Change management
    • Crisis management
    • Business continuity planning
    • Chemical clearance
  • Management of pre‑employment/pre‑placement/ medical monitoring and fitness for duty assessment/ exit examinations
  • Return to work management assessment
  • Management of ergonomic assessment
  • Scorecard and success tracking
  • Management of expat health, salesforce, remote (off‑shore) worker
  • Management of health fares, health promotion activities
  • Management of Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Management of challenges
  • Auditing

State-of-the-Art OH programs will improve lives.


Should your company have any need establishing countrywide, regional or global Health Management programs (Occupational Health plus health promotion), you’re welcome to contact GLO-TH Consulting.
We will take my time assessing your specific needs. After a detailed analysis which should happen remotely, I’ll come back with an action plan, which then will be finetuned with representatives of your company.

An action plan will be finetuned with representatives of your company.

These representatives shall come from site leadership, HR, safety and medical (where available).
For international needs we’ll bring you together with international partners of my team who providing help regarding legal requirements and specific needs. My company will support developing the adequate management tools, assist in rolling out, training and auditing.

Telehealth versus Telemedicine/privacy

Health risk analysis and health needs analysis, as well as consulting and coaching can be performed remotely by Telehealth. No personal data needs to be shared. There is a dialogue between resources of enterprises and GLO-TH Consulting but there is no dialogue between a physician and a patient/ employee required (which would be Telemedicine).
Where necessary, an encrypted data and conference connection can be offered if more private information need to be shared.


The Team

I’m running GLO‑TH Consulting with a global team and representatives in the following countries:

USA, China, Japan, Singapore, India, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Belgium,
The Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Russia

The Team