The story behind GLO-TH Consulting

I have been working as an Occupational Health physician in global companies (chemical and consumer goods Industry) over 32 years since 1988.

Having worked in internal medicine, surgery, anesthetics and intensive care for many years in different hospitals and countries, I had to realize that treating sick patients is one side of the medal, while keeping people healthy and saving their lives has the same or even higher value.

My father‑in‑law had worked for Hoechst AG and motivated me to take a look of the clinic within the factory in Germany which impressed me deeply. So, I decided to make the change from a treating physician to an OH specialist.

I left for Procter & Gamble because I wanted to step up into an industry where I could work globally.

Here, all requirements and programs are applied and audited globally in the same way. Having learnt from the best I decided to carry on after my retirement helping and coaching global companies.


Dr. Hitzeroth

I have been working as an OH physician in global companies over 32 years.

Dr. Steffen Hitzeroth

CEO & Chairman


  • Occupational Health specialist since 1990
  • Specialist in general and environmental medicine
  • Resident internal medicine in South Africa 1983-1987


Occupational Medicine • Environmental Medicine • General Medicine

Independant Consultants

Our Team of independent Consultants
and Purpose of Cooperation

In our function as Chief Occupational Health leaders of multinational Companies, Dr. Martin Kuster und I have been working together for the last 25 plus years. We now have decided to further work together independently.
Our purpose is sharing our expertise with our colleagues and companies and to help and coach.
On top, GLOTH is a great platform for other colleagues to cooperate with us accordingly.



D. Hitzeroth und Dr. Kuster

Dr. Martin Kuster

Independant Consultant


Maintaining the physical and mental health of people at work is my passion with prevention taking precedence over treatment.


Maintaining the physical and mental health of people at work is my passion with prevention taking precedence over treatment.

My training encompassed 6 years of clinical medicine. This was followed up by a two years training as resident in occupational medicine at the Harvard School of Public Health, graduating as Master in Occupational Health. After graduation, I joined Novartis.

During my career of 27 years at Novartis, I developed and implemented programs covering all facets of the workplace: occupational medicine, toxicology, environmental health, workplace safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, biosafety, health promotion including mental health, and pandemic preparedness – including the medical part during COVID-19.

Further information on my professional skills and achievements are here:

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