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Why I have founded GLO-TH Consulting

More than 50% of the general population are in the workforce. Healthy people support healthy Companies. Programs to keep people healthy and productive are paramount. In case of issues, returning them back to work as early as possible and/or accommodate them is highly important.
This may result not only in better health for your employees long-term, but in addition to a competitive advantage.
Spending company money wisely will benefit both the Company and the individuals.


Keeping employees healthy and productive has mutual benefits.


GLO‑TH has an international/global network of

  • physicans
  • nurses
  • safety managers
  • HR leaders


GLO‑TH is focused on all health related topics of

  • occupational health
  • enterprise health and wellbeing programs
  • health promotion
  • pandemics
  • expat health
  • travel health
  • health risk managment
Health promotion and Wellbeing programs benefit individuals, Companies and Society.


GLO‑TH executes its work by

  • video conference
  • calls
  • remote consulting & coaching
  • face-to-face meetings where needed/adding value


GLO‑TH delivers on any aspect

  • health@work
  • travel
  • during pandemics + back to normal
  • expat
  • health plans

New Blog Items

BGM als Personal-Steuerungsinstrument mit Dr. Hitzeroth Arbeitsmediziner

At times of COVID, a strong Occupational Health management program is more important than ever before.

How to design a comprehensive hygiene plan (which also satisfies the public health services) ? How to organize testing and vaccinations eventually ? How to return employees back to work?